12 August 2022

FLOAT album Rotjoch enters global charts

FLOAT, the long-awaited new album by Rotjoch, a legend in the Dutch hip-hop scene, was launched on Thursday, August 4th. Like every week, Spotify generated the Top 10 Albums Debut Global; the 10 most streamed albums in the first 72 hours of it’s release.

Rotjoch’s album FLOAT ended up in this Top 10, among others like NBA Youngboy, Calvin Harris and Fireboy DML. Also, he ended up in second place in the general list of the most streamed albums of the Netherlands. 

The debut album of the 101Barz founder consists of no less than 21 tracks with 35 featurings. Think of artists such as ADF Samski, Adje, Hef, Josylvio, Ronnie Flex, Latifah, Dopeboy, Henkie T, Kempi and many more big names from the Dutch hip-hop scene. In addition, all songs were produced by Rotjoch in collaboration with 6 other producers.

Writers’ camp in Ibiza
Covid brought life to a standstill; Rotjoch saw this as the perfect moment to focus on his first album. It wasn’t easy to bring all those artists together, so he came up with the idea of ​​organizing a writers’ camp in a villa on Ibiza. He built 3 studios to record the tracks for the album with all the artists.

Rotjoch describes FLOAT as "a Dutch record that I would like to hear". He continues: "I hope people will like it, but it's really something I want to hear."

Check out Rotjoch's album Float here.

Tracklist FLOAT
1 Intro (ft. Dominique)
2 Gutter Baby (ft. ADF Samski, Yssi SB & Bryan Mg)
3 Smoke (ft. Josylvio, Rocks, RBDjan & Adje)
4 Goldenchild (ft. Henkie T, Dani Deaux, Adje & Elliven)
5 Shake That (ft. Bryan Mg & Jandro)
6 Nacht Op Ibiza (ft. Adje, Lil Kleine & Hef) 
7 Raised In Ghetto (ft. Henkie T, Adje & Winne)
8 Listen Girl (ft. Jonna Fraser, Ronnie Flex, Jandro & Cho) 
9 Love N Hugs (ft. Demarre & Winne)
10 No Fools (ft. Eves Laurent & Latifah)
11 Dancehall Sound (ft. Henkie T, Bryan Mg, Yssi SB & Architrackz)
12 Herfst In De Zomer (ft. Dopebwoy & Yssi SB)
13 Betalen Voor Dit (ft. Idaly, Frenna, Kevin & Dopebwoy) 
14 Float (ft. Hef, Josylvio, Lil Kleine, Crooks, Kingsize & Adje) 
15 Chest Talk (ft. Jonna Fraser, Winne & Adje)
16 Verdien Model (ft. Mula B & KA) 
17 Nog Een Check (ft. Hef, Bryan Mg, Josylvio & Lil Kleine)
18 Hou Het Kort (ft. Sevn Alias & D-Double)
19 Jumanji (ft. ADF Samski & MocroManiac)
20 Hoe Het Was (ft. Crooks, Henkie T & Kempi)
21 Alles Op Mij (ft. Ismo)