12 July 2022

Cody Gakpo and Vivianne Miedema in brand campaign for matrass brand M line

Cody Gakpo and Vivianne Miedema can be seen, while playing football, in the new commercial of matrass brand M line. The new commercial is a result of their repositioning that was started three years ago.

With this repositioning, M line wants to show that you don’t have to be a professional athlete to deliver amazing performances; daily life is, after all, also a form of high-performance sports! If you’re trying to achieve greatness at work, at school or at home, a good night’s sleep can make a difference for everyone. They see that this combination works well for M line; this can be noticed in the increased brand awareness in the last few years. 

Vivanne Miedema already was the ambassador of the Green Motion matrass collection: the 100% circular matrasses of M line. The collaboration with 23-year-old forward Cody Gakpo is new. That both Vivianne and Cody will start the new football season and the European-and World Championship well rested, is a fact!

The new campaign will be seen the coming year, around all big football and cycling matches. 

Watch the TV commercial here.