19 January 2023

Mateusz Klich as a main player in a great gameplay event of Fortnite and 433

Polish international (and current DC United player) Mateusz Klich was one of the four football players in an activation campaign of the very popular online game Fortnite & content platform 433.

Last month, Mateusz, along with 3 other soccer players, played various gameplay modes to promote new in-game features from Fortnite. During the event, which took place in London, the top football players played against each other for hours and in between, various content items were designed.

The attention on social media was huge for the event, because the content platform 433 was live at the venue and they broadcasted many items afterwards on their channel. Unfortunately, Mateusz didn't take the win during the event, but just for this moment, participating was more important than winning.