1 April 2022

Havana Club campaign 'A Toast To The Culture' with Frenna

Ghanaian-Dutch artist Frenna and Havana Club have joined forces to celebrate passion, talent and the love for art throughout the campaign “A Toast To The Culture”. The collaboration resulted in an impressive video clip, a limited edition bottle with a unique and distinctive design and a special portrait painting of Frenna.

Havana Club and Frenna believe in the value and importance of creating together and a co-created masterpiece. Therefore, they have selected six creatives and guided them through mentoring sessions where knowledge and creative ideas were shared. Inspiring each other and sharing creativity were the most important pillars of the process.

The Havana bottle features the colours of the Ghanaian flag, which serve as an ode to Frenna’s roots. Also featured in the design are Frenna’s famous ‘777’ logo, an eagle – the tallest bird in the sky that Frenna looks up to and the animal that symbolises Ghana – and seven adinkra symbols that stand for Greatness, Bravery, Creativity, Courage, Wisdom of the Past, Strength and Hatred.

The limited edition bottle of Havana Club Rum is available in the Netherlands and Belgium in the stores of Gall & Gall, Drankdozijn and Belgian sneakerstores DNA and De Makers Gallery.